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Collin Reese

Contemporary R&B Jazz Guitarist


Guitars, Amplifiers and effects - Collin Reese has a select collection of guitars, amplifiers and outboard gear that helps create his unmistakable signature sound. Let's get started with his primary stage and recording guitars. Collin chooses to use Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Custom 24 10-top, and PRS SE Single Cut electric guitars for most of his work. He also relies on his "1972" Fender Telecaster Thinline, custom equipped with 1957 Gibson humbucker pickups. At the ready, C.L. deploys a Fender American Special Stratocaster equipped with vintage noiseless pickups when he digs in for bluesy riffs. On rare occasions, Collin will bring out his first owned, American made Fender SQUIER "Black Beauty". (If you should happen to be around when this "bad-boy" comes out of the case, oh baby!) this axe is where Collin cut his teeth.

Collin typically uses a Line 6 wireless guitar system which provides him the freedom to move about the playing field without dragging cables with him. His arsenal of effects consists of a single wah-wah pedal used sparingly, and a boss SE-50 processor for reverb and delay. - That's it. Collin says "I really like to stay on the side natural guitar sounds".

Guitar amplifiers can be your cure or your disease according to Collin "I have spent many hours dialing-in what I consider the optimum settings to reproduce the best tonal qualities of my instruments. The biggest issue here is the recipe for great tone is affected by many contributing factors. One needs to dial in the proper guitar strings for your style of playing. The right pick or finger pressure. Then you can focus on the components of the guitar amplifiers. Output transformer, tubes and speakers are as important to the total sound as the guitar and strings you choose. At the end of the day, and these factors are in sync, you will be amazed by the awesome sound of your electric guitar".

The amplifiers that Collin currently uses are; large venues: Peavey 120 watt all tube JSX (Joe Satriani) model. He chains the JSX main amp with a Peavey 2x12 - 120 watt Stereo Chorus for larger venue amplification. For smaller venues he uses a 80 watt Roland Blues Cube Artist 212 solid state amplifier. (Light and easy to get in the smaller clubs).

According to Collin "This is what works now, I am always open to the next good idea".


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