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Collin Reese

Contemporary R&B Jazz Guitarist

About Me

Collin grew up in Washington D.C., later moved to Landover, Maryland where he studied electric guitar under Blues great “Bill Harris". Collin organized numerous R&B stage bands that worked in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas. Most recently Collin is performing venues in the Western Colorado area. This guitar virtuoso has studied Rock, Blues, R&B and finally, where he feels a strong connection, "contemporary" guitar - better known as "smooth jazz" guitar. When asked about influences on his style he is quick to point out, "I became an acquaintance with the guitar through artists like Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, B.B. King, Jose Feliciano, and of course the infamous "Funk Brothers". Collin Reese often speaks of "tone" when describing elements of his guitar sound. It is somewhat of an ongoing quest to dail-in the sound you expect to emit from the combination of your guitar, the guitar strings, the amplifier, and the musician. I have come to the conclusion that any one of the elements mentioned can be altered with the exception of the musician. Interesting enough, the musician is the true influencing factor that cannot be disguised. Songs can be re-made by any artist however the artist imprints a distinct tonal quality that is created by a number of factors such as, fingering of the instrument, string plucking technique, pressure that the note is played with, phrasing and articulation. These are characteristics that are a part of the musician and are unmistakably a signature". Collin recalls the many learning moments throughout the years. He speaks about rewards when everything comes together and each musician is "in the pocket", the groove is strong. Collin reminds us that there are magical moments in every performance that touch listeners in a special way. He says, when he is plays a song, it becomes a part of the listener's memories.

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